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Cool Music Meets Cool Cell Phones

MISWAX Entertainment, Ltd. has been a player in the music & entertainment business since 2002. Known for their music productions sold all over the world (including licensing deals with Pontiac, Nokia, & Love Parade to name a few). As time has gone by, MISWAX Entertainment, Ltd. has grown and stayed on top of all major changes and advances in music multimedia. In this day and age, music as a physical format has almost become a thing of the past where LPs and CDs are quickly being replaced by portable devices as the music medium of choice.

In 2007 MISWAX Entertainment, Ltd., being a company who has always embraced new technology, now joins it's world of music with the world of mobile communication. With key and powerful partnerships established overseas, MISWAX Entertainment, Ltd. is launching their new brand (JD-USA) of cool cell phones to the world. The JD-USA line of cellular phones are a combination of sleek style and looks with today's cutting edge technology. All JD-USA cellular phones are GSM Unlocked for worldwide ease of use, and best of all, don't cost and arm and a leg! Great phones for the fashion trendy and those looking for cool cell phones that stand out from the rest. Visit us at www.jd-usa.com and let us know what you think.
Feb 23

Protecting Your Children Online

The internet is one of the greatest technologies that has changed how we do many of our everyday tasks. Communication has been completely revolutionized with the use of e-mail, social networking sites, chatting, etc, etc…. many of us talk to our friends more online than we actually do on the phone! Not to mention all the great new friends that we have made with people in all parts of the world which years ago was impossible. Shopping has been completely revolutionized… maybe even made some of us more lazy because now we don’t even have to leave our homes, lol. Whatever we want is now at our fingertips thanks to the internet. BUT, along with its greatness comes some bad things we need to be aware of.

I’m sure those of you who have young children in your homes are very aware of how computer smart today’s child is. Computers are being taught to kids from a very young age… as a matter of fact I believe pretty soon most newborns will come with their own laptop and online profile, lol. All kidding aside, there is a very serious risk involved when young children surf the net. How do we control what our children are viewing online? We can raise them with awareness of what NOT to do online, but lets face it… some of today’s children are more computer literate than their own parents! Besides, as much as we can teach them what not to do online, we were all young and curious as children and we all know that curiosity eventually wins over obedience. Am I right? Might not be the case for every child, but we all know that temptation is sometimes hard to resist! Why not be safe than sorry? Sometimes our kids might even be exposed to bad content and online predators without even knowing it. We have all heard the news on how sexual predators have pretended to be someone they are not to get to innocent victims. As responsible adults, it is our responsibilty to take as many measures possible to protect our young children. Parental control software should be installed in every household that has young children with internet access.

Parental control software enables parents to have full control of what their children do while on the web. Software, such as iWebLock Browser, is an easy-to-use browser designed for people of all ages, it enables parents to filter and control what their children can watch and do over the Internet. The filtering system controls external browsers and Web-enabled applications to help keep your children safe online. You can let your children browse freely with the comfort of knowing that they cannot view anything you do not want them to. Nothing like having good peace of mind :)

Jan 10
Jan 05

Stevie B launches HotTunez.com

Dec 27

Sander Kleinenberg @ Pacha | Charity Event For Cancer

Sander & Have A Dance For Me

Pacha New York teams up with Sander Kleinenberg as support, to present a charity benefit for “Have a Dance For Me” (HADFM), a cancer awareness organization December 29th. This event will be held from 10pm when doors open and only a two hour open bar for Charity guests. Get there Early!!

This is the third year mark “Have a Dance for Me” (HADFM.org) of existence! HADFM is a non-profit 501(c)(3), charitable organization that spreads cancer awareness and education through music events. The founder of HADFM, Robin Pelka, is an over 10-year music industry veteran and cancer survivor. At the age of 27, a brain tumor was discovered after a seizure at Winter Music Conference. Two days later, Robin underwent brain surgery. During chemotherapy, Robin’s signature became, “well, if I can’t be there, Have A Dance For Me.” Her struggle to educate herself and those around her became an ongoing reality. Demographics from teens through forties, who love the energy of music and learn to have no fear, became the inspiration for HADFM.

“We are dedicated to providing education and awareness for all! We ask all to “Spread the Word”! Loved ones and supporters of cancer are given strength with all going through cancer. The love and support of my family, friends and the music helped me get through my difficult time. I want to help provide the same support for others through music and awareness.”
– Robin Pelka, Founder HADFM

The HADFM organization conducts its efforts through music events where people can “have a dance” for whoever in their life has been affected by cancer/tumors. Follow, Live Life and Embrace Life! The organization is dedicated to fighting the battle against cancer by removing fears towards the disease, connecting people and providing information and support. Many music industry and health care professionals are part of the HADFM Board of Directors including; Robin Pelka (co-founder), Stacey Pelka (Co-Founder/Supermom), Paul “Cubby” Bryant (Whoopi Goldbeg & Cubby show), Erick Morillo (Subliminal Records), Jack Cyphers (ADA), Dr. Jonathan Harrison (Oncology/Hematology UMDNJ), Dr. David Marks (Neurology UMDNJ), Erick Morillo (Subliminal Records), Jeff Pinkham (Brain Cancers Survivor & CPA), Hazel Zoleta (Tommy Boy Records).

Join Pacha and HADFM in the battle against cancer. For more info, go to Robin, herself and RSVP at hadfmorg@gmail.com.

Saturday December 29th 2007
Have A Dance For Me / HADFM.org Cancer Event
Fight Cancer with Music & Celebrate Life

DJ Angel Linde from Pacha Ibiza
And of course, the charity invited may continue to see Star, Life Driven Sander Kleinenberg!!

Mezzanine (VIP) at Pacha
Open Bar 10pm-12pm
$10 entrance only through RSVP from “Have A Dance For Me”

hadfmorg@gmail.com attn: Pacha RSVP
618 West 46th Street, NYC


Dec 11
Multi platinum selling artist Stevie B has just finished a hot new single called “Running For Miles”. It is available exclusively through his new digital mp3 store… check it out! www.HotTunez.com

Multi platinum selling artist Stevie B has just finished a hot new single called “Running For Miles”. It is available exclusively through his new digital mp3 store… check it out! www.HotTunez.com

Dec 10
Beautiful Indulgences - Personalized Gifts For Kids  Room Decor - perfect for adding that personal touch to your kids room decor. www.beautifulindulgences.com

Beautiful Indulgences - Personalized Gifts For Kids Room Decor - perfect for adding that personal touch to your kids room decor. www.beautifulindulgences.com

Oct 31

My very funny english bulldog being his normal crazy self.


sneak preview of the much anticipated video of the MISWAX Records release titled Boricua Lover by Anthony Rodriguez. Directed by Cloud and Anthony Rodriguez. World premier of “Boricua Lover” video will be airing very soon on BET’s Latin Beat show. Single available at iTunes and all major download services!


Anthony Rodriguez | featured Madonna dancer to solo artist

Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce to you one of our amazing artists… Anthony Rodriguez. Anthony has been a professional dancer for many years and some of his numerous career highlights include touring with Madonna (Drowned World Tour - as a featured soloist) and choreographing performances and videos for Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Tito Puente, Camron, Zhane, Tito Nieves, J Lo, Marc Anthony, Don Omar, and many more!

Not only is he an amazingly talented dancer, but he is also a great musician. He is a singer and a songwriter and we were very proud to release his first single “Boricua Lover” on our label MISWAX Records. He has been performing nonstop promoting his new single and we now add fuel to the fire with his much anticipated music video. Please take the time and show your support by watching a sneak preview of his new video which will be complete very soon and will be making it’s world premier on BET’s Latin Beat show. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

Please make sure to add Anthony as your friend - www.myspace.com/boricualover2007

"Boricua Lover" single is available on iTunes and all major download services.

Thanks for all your support!

Much love and respect,